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How Does Equipment Tracking Software Help With Construction?

In construction work, assets and equipment are essential to make the job possible. From scrutinizing its capability to ensuring its storage, tools must be in their best and safe condition for work operation.

With the number of equipment during the construction work, it can be challenging for the management to keep track of it. Misplacement and failure to check up can be significant factors in the work result. They can also cause risks for the workers. 

The equipment tracking software aids in this task, especially if the field is too hectic and keeping track of equipment and asset becomes a hassle. The management can use it to alleviate their construction work management and make it more manageable than ever.

Asset and Equipment Tracking Software for Construction Management

Assets like trucks and extensive heavy equipment are expensive investments for any construction company. Management pays extra attention to these things before and after the operation. However, checking and keeping tabs on these tools and equipment can be handy after a long work day. On the other hand, companies must also provide an extra take on implementing the preservation of these assets. 

Software developers innovated a solution to help construction companies ease this task by creating asset and equipment tracking software. This modern solution manages and monitors the company’s powered and non-powered physical properties in real-time.

Along with this software solution, the management can handle and track the tool and equipment by attaching a small GPS device that can ensure its visibility anywhere and at any time. It can also be equipped with a barcode to check it after usage quickly. 

The software encourages the users and operators to take responsibility for using the equipment. On the other hand, it helps the management keep tabs on it through systematic tracking and updating its conditions. Hence, the company can utilize these assets in the long run.

Why Use Construction Equipment Management Software?

The software helps the management schedule maintenance, regular check, distribution according to work usage, and more. It is a digital solution that manages inventory and audits faster and is much more manageable. Here are some other grounds why a construction company must implement this software technology

Service Lifespan 

The software allows fixed asset tracking through systematic checking on the usage timespan. Management can take assets like vehicles and heavy tools to efficient procurement to retirement by tracking their service lifespan. They can oversee how much maintenance and devaluation these assets are. 

Being aware of its capability can ensure the safety of construction workers. The software can do regular check-up and organize record that is much more accessible for any sudden review. Hence, it generates a transparent tool utilization report and status that can help in work operations. 

Efficient Scheduling Tracker

This construction equipment management software is also efficient for scheduling and calendar purposes. Since it tracks the user and records usage data, overviewing information about date and time is much easier than ever. 

On the other hand, it also helps the construction management to distribute or reserve tools and equipment efficiently. It eradicates the chances of conflict since a scheduling tracker will guide. Also, the managers can do fair alternate usage on limited equipment to avoid struggle during work. 

Supports Barcode Tracking System

The software is an excellent investment for its QR code or barcode tracking system. This feature allows construction firms to monitor large volumes of tools and equipment systematically. Regardless of the location, the barcode and QR codes make the task faster. 

Some software can have their standard labeling design, and some allow the management to make professional-grade labels according to their desired size and format. This barcode scanning lets the managers instantly track equipment and asset. 

Arrange Equipment Systematically

Construction equipment management software allows the firm to have a systematized procedure for arranging their assets, from heavy tools to work vehicles. Instead of simply keeping tabs on borrowing and returning information, the software can help match up the equipment according to workflow data. 

The software can create tabs or custom carts to arrange the equipment data according to their respective sites. It makes it easier to track down and redistribute it after usage. The software can also have customization like inputting custodian details per equipment or any other necessary information to help arrange it systematically.

Impose Regular Maintenance

The longevity of any material depends on how the management takes responsibility for handling it. The fixed asset tracking makes it possible as management can quickly overview the firm’s equipment and see if there are necessary actions to take. 

For instance, to prolong the company’s vehicle’s life, routine maintenance is highly recommended. Being responsible for the equipment’s capabilities, shelf-life, and reminders of any risk it can cause can ensure the safety of the workers. Construction firms can ensure regular maintenance since this feature goes through implementing systematized asset tracking. 

Things to Consider in Implementing Asset Management

Most construction company handles different projects simultaneously. And managing their assets, like heavy equipment and enormous machinery, can be challenging. Traditional tracking through pen and paper can be a hassle and less organized, whereas it is prone to data misplacement. But with the innovations like equipment tracking software, this job can be more manageable. 

Implementing asset management can be challenging for any starting construction firm since it is an additional job. Some may take this seriously, while some will ignore it. However, this area of work has many advantages in the long run. And here are some of them: 

• Easy to track owned and rental assets

• Awareness of the assets that are well-utilized and not

• Arrange assets accordingly to the desired groupings

• Efficient management and inventory of the construction materials and equipment

• Asset tracking through maps and GPS

• Real-time data information on assets used

• Accessible way of adding assets data individually or in bulk

• Anywhere at any time, access and update asset details

• Automate the procedure of transferring, scheduling, and monitoring assets to its users

• View all of the asset activity through the software calendar system

• Reminds regular maintenance and easy way of requesting and reporting assets information

There are still more advantages to taking asset management seriously, primarily if the firm uses advanced software. The software can make the job much more manageable than usual. For that, here are brief things to consider before implementing this task. 

1. The construction firm must have a consensus that asset management is a need. Implementing this work area is only effective if the company has full support. The construction company must see the goal of making it possible. 

2. Once settled, the firm must have enough resources. Imposing asset management also means needing extra people handling this area and the technology they will need for practical work. 

3. Choose an effective asset management software. Making it successful starts with the right technological aid. Use the construction equipment management software that goes through the company’s budget and can help reach the goals. 

4. Ensure that there is enough knowledge about how asset management works. So getting extra knowledgeable people in this work area is a great help. 

5. Impose asset reporting regularly. The effectiveness of management begins when it becomes an essential part of the job. Hence, teams and users must report asset information to the said management. Meanwhile, asset managers must keep track of every tool and machinery.


Like any industry, construction companies need innovative aid to handle work operations. For instance, asset management can be handy and complex if done manually. 

But with solutions like equipment tracking software, this job can be easier and quicker than how it could be. Thus, being aware and knowledgeable about this technological tool can help construction firm alleviates their management.


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