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Supply Chain Products and Solutions

Starting with the broad feature-set of the baseline Exeter WMS, our mission is to provide flexible, reliable, customer-specific solutions that improve visibility, throughput, and productivity. An ISI solution will help you make your distribution center a competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Products
Financial Management

Learn more about our Supply Chain products:

  • Exeter WMS
  • CMCS (Container Management and WMSei
  • Control System)
Financial Management

Accounting Products and Solutions

FASBE, our flagship product, is a unique and modularized accounting package designed to accommodate complex budgetary and reporting requirements.

SCOPE is a comprehensive multilingual screen formatter. It interfaces with most programming languages and databases to help programmers efficiently create screens for new or existing systems.

Learn more about our Accounting products:

  • FASBE Financial Management System
  • SCOPE Forms Manager

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