SCOPE Forms Manager

SCOPE is a comprehensive forms management system that provides your IT team with the tools needed to define, generate, and maintain display forms. SCOPE provides this capability in a single package.

SCOPE Editor

The SCOPE interactive editor creates and modifies forms used by the SCOPE Runtime System. To create a form the user simply “paints” the desired image on the terminal screen—the SCOPE Editor does the rest.

Modification of the form is easily handled by the sophisticated features of the editor. During the modification phase numeric checking, table look up values, data range validation, required fields, and more are stored in the form file for use by the SCOPE Runtime system—reducing program code and programming time.

SCOPE Stand-Alone Forms Tester

The SCOPE Stand-Alone Forms Tester enables the developer to test form design and attributes without having to write an application program. Design specifications can be checked easily—ensuring accuracy and compliance to original specifications before actual development of the software.

The forms tester permits verification of all attributes, data types, and data validation specified by the designer.

SCOPE Runtime System

The SCOPE Runtime System consists of a number of routines “callable” from the application program. These routines let the program control screen formats and data flow to and from the screen.

Multiple forms can be presented on the screen simultaneously to enhance readability of displayed data. If the user needs a permanent record of the form’s contents, a simple keystroke produces a file containing the image of the current form.

If the form becomes garbled by system messages or line noise, the user can easily “refresh” the form to its original state. A few specialized calls are all you need to successfully initialize, read, and write data via SCOPE. Other calls permit changes to form attributes and SCOPE features while the program is running.

SCOPE’s usefulness is limited only by the imagination and ingenuity of your software development and end-user communities.

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