Container Management and Control System (CMCS)

ISI-Exeter’s Container Management and Control System (CMCS) has all the capabilities of WMS/AIM but resides on the IBM Power System (formerly AS/400, iSeries and System i) and works seamlessly with Exeter WMS.

CMCS provides the timely transaction and decision-making capability required by sophisticated material handling equipment. It comes with an extensive set of functions to monitor the real-time movement of products.

Container Management and Control System

CMCS can be used with any material handling equipment and is manufacturer independent. Conveyors, sortation equipment with multiple diverts, carousels, tilt-trays, A-frames, and in-line scanners are supported. As your operation grows, CMCS can grow with it. Adding new material handling equipment or expanding the capacity of existing equipment, CMCS is easily reconfigured to accommodate the new layout.

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