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Interactive Systems, Inc.

(ISI-Exeter), founded in 1977, is a privately held Massachusetts company. ISI-Exeter develops, licenses, and supports software applications, custom modifications, and programming tools for multiple computer platforms.

ISI-Exeter is a best-of-breed or best-in-class software provider. Our areas of expertise and software solutions include:

WMS Software Provider

Our Products

Supply Chain Products and Solutions

Starting with the broad feature-set of the baseline Exeter WMS, our mission is to provide flexible, reliable, customer-specific solutions that improve visibility, throughput, and productivity. An ISI solution will help you make your distribution center a competitive advantage.

Accounting Products and Solutions

FASBE, our flagship product, is a unique and modularized accounting package designed to accommodate complex budgetary and reporting requirements.


Graphs bring enhanced navigation, visibility, and productivity to your distribution center operation.

The addition of the WMSei Dashboards module allows a manager to quickly assess what is happening in daily operations as well as to evaluate how the business is performing compared to industry benchmarks.

Included with this module are several pre-defined dashboards designed specifically for warehouse operations managers and supervisors. Below are examples of some of these.

WMSei Dashboards Module

COBOL Programming

ISI engineers are COBOL programming experts, particularly with the IBM System I (AS/400) environment. Most of our core product code is written in COBOL. They have a solid understanding of the OS/400 operating system, Db2 for IBM I (DB2/400) database, DDS (Data Description Specifications) and CL (Control Language). ISI engineers are familiar with SQL and exposing the DB2 database to outside clients for metrics and dashboards. They are also comfortable working in UNIX environments using Micro Focus COBOL.

ISI engineers are particularly well-versed with supply chain application programming, and they are very well suited for projects that can be worked remotely. ISI engineers have also helped migrate legacy systems to newer hardware, operating systems, and databases.

Replenishment Management

What are your habits when it comes to filling your car with gas? Do you fill up before reaching 1/2 empty, wait for a “low fuel” warning light, or wait until you need gas for a trip? Do you adjust your habits for different driving conditions? What kind of driver are you when it comes to replenishment in your warehouse? What kind of controls do you use?

Your objective is relatively simple – make sure product is available in location so that orders can be picked as efficiently as possible while minimizing replenishment labor.

Replenishment Management

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