Transaction History

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Asked If WMSei refreshed the look and feel of their WMS, improved navigation, and reduced training time for new employees, Tammie Faulk, Warehouse Supervisor at ITT Goulds Pumps replied: “It did feel like we got a new modern system without giving up the WMS that we know and love.”

Look below at WMSei’s transaction history and compare it to what you are using today. WMSei Allows you to filter data by Date Range, User, ATS, Container, SKU, Location or mask, and Transaction Type.

In addition the displayed list can by sorted and a wild card find option is available for any data column. The list can also be exported to Excel for further analysis. However the key is that this can all be performed by your users without the need for SQL statements and IT intervention.

Transaction History screen with Data Choices displayed

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