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Shipment Planning

WMSei Shipment Planning is a powerful tool that gives you the freedom to reach deep into the data and fine-tune your waves, customized for each day’s activities.

WMSei Shipment Planning allows maximizing labor on the floor, shortening order cycle times and improving customer service.

  • Improved planning tools with sophisticated criteria for order selections
  • User-defined criteria
  • Build filters using any fields on:
    • Order Header
    • Order Detail
    • Model files
  • Group filtered or unfiltered orders by any field(s) on Order Header:
    • Drill down to group detail or specific order
    • Select orders by SKU demand
    • Select orders by group or with a single click
  • Drill down to see ATSs in the group, then drill down to individual ATS
  • Monitor trailer cube and trailer size required
  • Summary of results displayed instantly:
    • Number and type of picks
    • Number of orders/lines
    • Total weight/cube
  • Deselect orders with one click

WMSei will bring visibility, intelligence, and efficiency to your operation.

For more details or to schedule a demo of WMSei Shipment Planning, email George Goulet or contact us at (603)318-7700.

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