See the Light

Would you ever chose to not turn on your car’s headlights at night? You want as much visibility as possible to efficiently navigate around any obstacles that may be in your path.

Similarly a study from the MIT Center for Digital Business found that data based decision making helps warehouse managers and supervisors become better navigators increasing both productivity and profitability. Dashboards accessing data from WMS systems display the information management and supervisors need to make informed decisions affecting DC operations. Business intelligence tools can often be used by management and supervisors with little or no technical training. Charts and reports can be customized, produced quickly, and arranged into actionable dashboards.

Data is available. It is stored within the WMS. Presenting it in dashboards will provide the users ways to achieve greater efficiencies through better planning, monitoring and analysis.

To not use your data is analogous to not turning on your car’s headlights.. See the light and reap the benefits.

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